About us

We are Ernest and Shanae Banks, ordained Elders and Entrepreneurs who share a 

union of 27 wonderful years, blessed with 3 adult children and we are an inseparable couple 

who have shared in ministry since 1998. Our vision remains a ministry  without walls with a 

mission of reaching out to those who may be unsure of where to begin in business and/or 

ministry by meeting aspiring entrepreneurs and/or ministers wherever they are in life through 

Outreach, our desire and labor has been and is to preach and teach the gospel while also 

providing resources and services needed to minister and support the whole being which 

includes starting a business. Combined, we have many gifts and talents in education, 

management, customer service, troubleshooting, and team building that allow us to reach 

many, God has used us tremendously through bestowing upon us the desire to help others  

build and succeed which is all to edify God.


We invite you to contact us as we move forward in business and work diligently to support your 

business and/or ministry growth from the very beginning to your grand opening.

Mr. and Mrs. Banks